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20 Best Tips for Teaching Reading and Spelling

Freebie #1: 20 Best Tips for Teaching Reading and Spelling

Top tips for taking the struggle out of spelling, accelerating learning, and helping your child retain more of what you teach.






Freebie #2: Unlocking the Key to the Silent E

Help Detective Dog discover the five jobs of Silent E in this activity book. Most kids only know one or two of the ways that Silent E can be used, but knowing all five jobs will help them with spelling and reading.






Freebie #3: In the Kitchen with the Zigzag Zebra
(for pre-readers)

Ziggy is in the kitchen cooking up a storm! And while your child is helping Ziggy, he or she will be absorbing critical pre-reading skills.






Freebie #4: Safari Stories with the Zigzag Zebra
(for pre-readers)

Your child is invited to join Ziggy on a safari! The activities in this activity book foster listening comprehension, which is a precursor to reading comprehension.




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