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Reading Activity Bundle We hear it all the time from happy customers: the activities in the All About Reading program get kids excited about reading! The engaging activities have kids clamoring for reading lessons and eagerly wanting to learn. That's music to our ears!

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Over Easy

Practice consonant team TH in a fun way—by flipping “eggs” with a spatula!
(From AAR Level 1)

Word Flippers

These Word Flippers provide fun and interactive practice with one-syllable words ending in the letters FF, LL, and SS.
(From AAR Level 1)

A Flock of Ducks

This flock of ducks provides the perfect way to practice the sound of CK.
(From AAR Level 1)

Feed the Anteater

Feed this hungry anteater and practice review words at the same time!
(From AAR Level 2)

Be a Lumberjack

Decode multisyllable words by "chopping" them into syllables—just like a lumberjack!
(From AAR Level 2)

Wake Up the Sheep

Wake up these sleepy sheep! Practice words containing vowel team EE.
(From AAR Level 2)

Hatch the Turtles

Baby turtles are hatching! Practice reading words with phonogram TCH as the eggs hatch. (From AAR Level 3)

Blend a Smoothie

Smoothies need lots of ingredients, including ice, fruit, milk, and words with WR!
(From AAR Level 3)

Pack Your Suitcase

Pack your suitcase and practice phonograms UI and IE as you travel the world.
(From AAR Level 4)

Parakeet Says

Is this parakeet telling the truth? Practice the sound of /air/ as you find out what “Parakeet Says.”
(From AAR Level 4)

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