Join Us for an Animal Adventure!

This PDF download features an easy-to-assemble animal craft for every letter of the alphabet. Each craft also includes helpful teaching tips that are designed to support important pre-reading skills. But be careful ... our first craft has a very toothy grin!

A is for alligator
B is for bee
C is for crab
D is for duck
E is for elephant
F is for fish
G is for goat
H is for hippo
I is for inchworm
J is for jellyfish
K is for kargaroo
L is for lion
M is for moose
N is for narwhal
O is for octopus
P is for parror
Q is for quail
R is for raccoon
S is for snake
T is for turtle
U Is for Umbrellabird
V is for vulture
W is for worm
X is for x-ray fish
Y is for yak
Z is for zebra

Turn Your Crafts into an ABC Animal Book!

If you'd like a great way to store the craft pages as your child completes them, turn them into a fun and colorful ABC Animal Book. The PDF contains full instructions and a colorful cover.

Completed My ABC Animal Book put together

Try Our Printed Activity Book!

Our ABC Crafts for Uppercase Letters activity book makes craft-time even easier!  Each craft can be easily completed using only scissors and glue. Along with each craft, you’ll find a short poem and accompanying activity ideas to reinforce important pre-reading skills. It’s 120 pages of full-color alphabet fun and the perfect way to encourage your student’s enthusiasm for learning to read!