Make it a delight to practice phonograms! These printable board games are perfect for hands-on review!

An understanding of phonograms is vital to your child’s success in reading and spelling, so why not make it easy and fun to review Phonogram Cards? These colorful board games take your child on a series of delightful adventures, and offer ample opportunities to practice phonograms too.


You will receive...

  • 5 printable file folder games
  • Your choice of full-color of black-and-white versions
  • Complete assembly instructions
  • Printable markers and tags

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On the farm

Get ready for some on-the-farm fun with cows, pigs, and phonograms!


bunny garden

Help this sweet bunny find a path through a delectable garden of vegetables.


Dog Walk

Follow the pawprints for a phonogram-filled walk with these adorable pups!


Wild, wild west

Grab your boots and ten-gallon hat for a cactus-and-tumbleweed adventure.


Horse & Pony show

Saddle up for a day at the show and review phonograms as you go along.