Reading picture books aloud to your children from an early age is one of the best things you can do to help them become successful readers. Reading aloud can have a direct impact on the development of critical pre-reading skills like phonological awareness, listening comprehension, and motivation to read.

Picture books also have numerous benefits for older children and reluctant readers. They can stimulate an older child’s thinking and imagination in ways that a chapter book may not, and can give a reluctant reader extra practice without making it feel like work.

Picture Book Library Lists

In these library lists, you’ll discover...

  • 29 printable library lists, hand-picked and arranged by topic
  • Picture books about love, friendship, and kindness
  • Interactive picture books that your wiggly learner will be sure to appreciate
  • Friendly, fun characters who encourage good manners
  • Charming books designed to teach your pre-reader the important skill of rhyming

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