Spelling can be tricky, but that doesn't mean it has to be hard. Our handy spelling tips & tricks can make spelling easier!

We’ve rounded up a series of three posters that will help make some important spelling rules easy to remember and fun for your children. Hang these colorful posters on your classroom wall for a quick reference that you'll want to leave up even after you've mastered the rules!

Spelling Rules Posters

You will discover...

  • The Kids' Club Rule: when to use a C and when to use a K for the /k/ sound
  • The Floss Rule: how to know when to double a consonant at the end of a one-syllable word and when to leave it single
  • Making Words Plural: six simple guidelines for making words plural

Tips and tricks like this one are taught throughout the All About Spelling program. If you have any questions as you work through these rules, we would love to hear from you. You can email us at support@allaboutlearningpress.com, or call us at 715-477-1976. No question is too big or too small—we’re here to help!